Valentine’s Poems

Valentine’s Poems
By: Rachel Amelia Porter

These poems are written in three different perspectives such as in love, heartbreak, and seeking vengeance.

Music in Me

You are the music in me
Can you recall the first time
You heard this phrase?
Was it a movie?
In a song?
Did someone tell you?
What about this phrase makes it so…charming?
Makes you giggle like a child?
Bite your lip to hold back the childish squeal?
Tilt your head to the side to hide those rosy cheeks?
Could it be that everyone loves music?
Music takes you a journey of temporarily escaping reality.
It never fails to strike a powerful emotion.
It’s always evolving, growing, influencing.
Music will never die.
And maybe that’s why we use the phrase
You are the music in me.



Fingers scramble, eyes slightly squint
Invested he was in his same old videogames
Consisting of fighting, monsters, and magic.
Fantasy or comedy
Those are his preferences.
Hours could pass by
Before he temporarily bores
Onto the next thing
Is it Netflix, food or his amore?
She wastes no time in crawling over to him
Tangling her gentle fingers with his
Like a monkey—as he teases
She tightly clings
He reciprocates
Knowing she won’t give it a rest
Until her eyes ache or stomach cries
Feeling victorious while he feels adored
Their bodies form into a cocoon.
All is right, all is good.



Tainted black liquid slowly drips
Onto the white cotton sheets
It slides in a river motion
On puffy, flustered cheeks
An ugly noise projects into the air
Hands clamp the face
Hiding it
From the dark, cruelties of the outside world
It’s seen enough of them in such a pitiful state
Under the sheets they go
Wearing them as a shield
To block out the cruelties
That come from the outside world.


Bad Blood
Hair whips so hard
It sounds like a cold slap
Brows furrowed
Piercing eyes
Pupils look like laser beams
They blast the enemy out
In two smooth hits
Comes from the leather
Practically attached to the skin
Aside from the head and hands
She’s wrapped in it
It adds flavor
Heart pounces out
From the metal cage
It’s been contained in
Mouth dangles at first
Before turning into an expression
Similar to the Joker
It’s about time
It moved again
She won.


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