National Crayon Day! Grab This New Prince Coloring Book!

by Brenda Hillegas Happy National Crayon Day! In honor of what I just found out is a nationally celebrated day, I decided to breakout my crayons last night and get creative with this new Prince coloring book that was sent to me by Feral House. The small, independent publishing company has been printing all sorts of interesting books (and now coloring books!) since 1989. While … Continue reading National Crayon Day! Grab This New Prince Coloring Book!

Contest Alert: The Buzz!

What’s the Buzz? If you haven’t noticed, there has been a lot of talk about beverages here on our blog lately. More specifically, local beer, wine, spirits…and now coffee. Next week, we’ll be giving away a pair of VIP tickets to The Buzz: A Craft Coffee, Beer & Spirits festival which will take place on April 15th from 5pm to 9pm. The Free Library of Philadelphia … Continue reading Contest Alert: The Buzz!

The American Whiskey Convention

by Bryan Culver This past Friday, March 24th, I attended a convention that you might say had a little bit of a bite. Here’s a hint: in addition to your typical access tiers such as “regular admission”, “VIP”, “Vendor”, etc., the event also featured a “designated driver” pass.  That’s because the American Whiskey Convention was exactly what it sounds like: a gathering of purveyors and aficionados from … Continue reading The American Whiskey Convention

“The Positivity Charge” Returned to Rittenhouse

After a sellout crowd in December, The Positivity Charge (TPC) returned to focus on build, fuel, and body. TPC was co-founded by Parisha Smith and Dr. Rubina Tahir, encouraging people to follow along on their positive journey to better health and wellness initiatives. On March 25th, The Positivity Charge retreat opened its doors for the second time at Ethical Society of Philadelphia, bringing together like-minded … Continue reading “The Positivity Charge” Returned to Rittenhouse

PA Spirits Convention Launches First Event

by Moriah Kelley Pennsylvania Spirits held their first convention at Citizens Bank Park yesterday evening. This is the state where American distilling began over 300 years ago!  Meeting the men and women behind bottles of gin, vodka, whiskey, and rye brought a deeper understanding of what goes into making a great product. The ingredients they use and the relationships their businesses create with local farmers … Continue reading PA Spirits Convention Launches First Event

Broad & Pattison

by Stephen Pagano   As I gaze through the gates at Broad & Pattison, I try to wrap my mind around the fact that Veterans Stadium has been gone for 13 years. The place where many South Philadelphians, including myself, grew up watching both Phillies baseball and Eagles football. For most people, it was just a building that housed sporting events and concerts, but to … Continue reading Broad & Pattison

South Philadelphia Business Association’s Person of the Year Banquet

On Thursday, March 9th, Philadelphia RowHome Magazine’s Dorette Rota Jackson and Dawn Retallick Rhoades became the 2017 recipients of SPBA’s Person of the Year awards. Along with our ladies, the award was also presented to Daniel Rendine, ESQ. and Vincent Defino, ESQ. South Philly’s finest came out to Galdo’s Catering for a dinner celebration. Photos by Andrew Andreozzi Continue reading South Philadelphia Business Association’s Person of the Year Banquet

Peanut Butter Pie

It’s March 14th, a snowy, icy Tuesday here in Philadelphia. It’s also the day commonly referred to as “Pi Day”- 3.14- in celebration of the mathematical constant. Pi Day is observed in many ways, but  most of those ways involve pie (because “pi” and “pie” are homophones, of course). And while National Pie Day is actually observed in January, no one seems to complain when a … Continue reading Peanut Butter Pie

Preparing for Spring!

“Spring forward” this weekend! At 2am on Sunday the 12th, the time will magically jump an hour ahead! No not really- it’s just Daylight Saving Time! We won’t bore you with the details of how and why this occurs each year, but if you head on over to Wikipedia, you can read more about the history of this practice! Anyway…if you subscribe to Philadelphia RowHome Magazine, … Continue reading Preparing for Spring!