The Day Tripper: Exploring the Secret Valley by Rail

by Mark Casasanto File this one under the “things you don’t ordinarily get to do” category. Then, you can thank me later.  Back in the summer of 2017, I was doing a security site survey for a country music festival that was going to occur a little further along as the summer transitioned to fall. As I made my way around the pretty and well … Continue reading The Day Tripper: Exploring the Secret Valley by Rail

Valentine’s Poems

Valentine’s Poems By: Rachel Amelia Porter These poems are written in three different perspectives such as in love, heartbreak, and seeking vengeance. Music in Me You are the music in me Can you recall the first time You heard this phrase? Was it a movie? In a song? Did someone tell you? What about this phrase makes it so…charming? Makes you giggle like a child? … Continue reading Valentine’s Poems

The Colorful Dance of Fall

-Debra Russino Christmas season is my favorite time of year. Still, I love the change from the steamy days of summer to the cool, crisp nights of fall that somehow seems to warm my heart! The beautiful colors of autumn can be seen everywhere you turn. Many local neighborhoods decorate their houses with colorful foliage. The aroma of cinnamon and pumpkin scented candles constantly burning … Continue reading The Colorful Dance of Fall

South Philly Born and Raised by My Heroes!

by Lou Pinto Happy Father’s Day, beautiful downtown world! A big shout out to all you dads out there, and to the moms who have filled the “dad” role too! This is the 34th time I have celebrated Father’s Day! On March 26, 1983 when my Ashley was born, I became a father. Now…anyone can become a father, but it takes some work to be a dad! Of … Continue reading South Philly Born and Raised by My Heroes!

21st & Lehigh

-Stephen Pagano For a long time, North Philadelphia has been associated with crime, drugs, and poverty; however, many people don’t know that it’s also linked to our national pastime. In fact, Philadelphia once had two baseball teams, the Phillies and the Athletics. The A’s played in Columbia and Shibe Park, and the Phillies played in the Baker Bowl. Shibe Park was constructed in the early … Continue reading 21st & Lehigh

A Clean Slate

-Stephen Pagano Opening Day, 2017 has finally arrived! For most baseball fans, this is their Christmas. It’s a date that many people mark on their calendars to help them get through those long and dreadful winter months. It’s an exciting time, because every team is in first place, at least for one day. Fans can forget about the past season and just focus on a … Continue reading A Clean Slate

Broad & Pattison

by Stephen Pagano   As I gaze through the gates at Broad & Pattison, I try to wrap my mind around the fact that Veterans Stadium has been gone for 13 years. The place where many South Philadelphians, including myself, grew up watching both Phillies baseball and Eagles football. For most people, it was just a building that housed sporting events and concerts, but to … Continue reading Broad & Pattison