Self-Care: Quarantine Edition

by Joei DeCarlo I can’t be the only one stuck at home wondering how I can have fun and develop a routine that feels like I’m not trapped, right?  Over the past few weeks I’ve been working from home and realized a few days in that I needed to find normalcy inside of my studio apartment.  During my time at home I’ve developed a self-care … Continue reading Self-Care: Quarantine Edition

Music…The Chicken Soup of Quarantine

“Do You Like Good Music… Sweet Soul Music…” By Mark Casasanto  Feature photo courtesy of Jim Villare Self quarantine… Self Isolation… Social Distancing… Did I miss any? Here we are, smack dab in the middle of a pandemic. Whoever would have thought? Up until a couple months ago, “Corona” anything was associated with good times, laughs, fun and the sun. Here’s to good friends! Not! … Continue reading Music…The Chicken Soup of Quarantine

15 days of pandemic with The Office

by John Nacchio Staring at the four walls and locked down in social isolation…yipes it’s insane! At home with the wife, the kids or just home alone can really get on your nerves. More so the anxiety of 24 hours of updates scaring the bejesus out of you as the numbers climb -is too intense.  Yes, cooking all the fine recipes found in RowHome Magazine … Continue reading 15 days of pandemic with The Office