Self-Care: Quarantine Edition

by Joei DeCarlo I can’t be the only one stuck at home wondering how I can have fun and develop a routine that feels like I’m not trapped, right?  Over the past few weeks I’ve been working from home and realized a few days in that I needed to find normalcy inside of my studio apartment.  During my time at home I’ve developed a self-care … Continue reading Self-Care: Quarantine Edition

Some of the best things we ever ate (social distancing edition)!

“Stuck inside these four walls, sent inside forever, never seeing no one, nice again…” Yes, yes, we get it. Scary thought, we know. But, it damn sure sounded as if Sir Paul McCartney knew in the early ’70s what we’d all be living through in these, the-not-so-roaring 20s. Prophetic? Eh, maybe.  In trying to stay up-to-the-minute-current, just trying to keep up with the terminology, let … Continue reading Some of the best things we ever ate (social distancing edition)!

Dining in with RowHome

First and foremost, we hope you are all staying safe and healthy during these strange times. And we gotta eat, right? In times like this, when so many small businesses rely on our support, we need to get creative on how to help them. Order take-out or delivery from a favorite local restaurant! Many of them are offering family-style meals and waiving delivery fees. Share … Continue reading Dining in with RowHome