Behind the Scenes of Rising in Love – The Musical

by Geno Thackara If there’s one consistent thing about love, it’s that it’s never too consistent – it appears anywhere and takes all kinds of forms. Ditto relationships: if you think they should tend to follow a script or even a recognizable pattern, you’ve probably just been watching too many movies. Stage shows aren’t immune to following the usual rom-com template either, but there’s often … Continue reading Behind the Scenes of Rising in Love – The Musical

Be A Survivor at Mad Rex

-Dominique Verrecchio Are you a survivor? That’s the question that Mad Rex, the world’s first post-apocalyptic-themed restaurant (1000 Frankford Ave), is asking. From the mind of Pavel Rathousky, the restaurant is equipped with fire breathers, servers in apocalypse themed attire and a giant graffiti helicopter hanging above the DJ both. The cocktails were incredibly refreshing and served in awesome glasses…mine had a bullet in it! I would definitely … Continue reading Be A Survivor at Mad Rex

Science and Karaoke at Nerd Nite Philly

by Geno Thackara The first Wednesday of each month is a celebration of geekery at Frankford Hall. The wood-and-brick Fishtown bar is an inviting place already with an open-air courtyard and chances to attempt drunken ping-pong or Jenga. When Nerd Nite comes, though, the indoor section is reserved for attendees who appreciate brains as much as beer. Hey, everyone knows nerdy is the new sexy. The occasion … Continue reading Science and Karaoke at Nerd Nite Philly

SomerSocial Spectacular

by Moriah Kelley One thing I love about living in a city is the constant renovation of the old into the new. On Thursday night, I had the privilege to witness one such renovation in East Kensington as part of the ever growing Fishtown neighborhood. The grand opening of what is being called the Parish House created a spectacular splash. Located at 2134 E Firth … Continue reading SomerSocial Spectacular