Brotherly Gloves

By Stephen Pagano The 2300 Arena in South Philadelphia was buzzing with energy and excitement on Friday night, as it showcased many of Philly’s rising stars in the sport of boxing. Raging Babe Promotions dubbed the event, “The Philly Special.” Seven fights filled the card for fans to enjoy, including South Philly’s own Sonny Conto in his Pro debut. But, it was the main event … Continue reading Brotherly Gloves

“Philly Special” Fight Panel at Chick’s

by Moriah Kelley Chick’s Philly and Christian Carto- two of Philadelphia RowHome Magazine‘s favorite things about Philadelphia. Last night, I attended a press social and fight panel at Chick’s to discuss the upcoming “Philly Special“- Carto’s February 8th fight against Victor Ruiz in the 8-round bantam-weight main event. Up until now I’ve only heard nostalgic stories of our city’s love affair with boxing and the … Continue reading “Philly Special” Fight Panel at Chick’s