“Philly Special” Fight Panel at Chick’s

by Moriah Kelley

img_0683Chick’s Philly and Christian Carto- two of Philadelphia RowHome Magazine‘s favorite things about Philadelphia. Last night, I attended a press social and fight panel at Chick’s to discuss the upcoming “Philly Special“- Carto’s February 8th fight against Victor Ruiz in the 8-round bantam-weight main event.

Up until now I’ve only heard nostalgic stories of our city’s love affair with boxing and the sport’s glory days in South Philly. Our Winter 2018 issue featured an entire spread on the history of boxing in Philadelphia and Christian graced the cover. You can view it all here.

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Christian Carto is bringing that nostalgia to present day. He’s 21 and Italian, raised in South Philly, and his older brother Frankie manages and assists in his training. Their grandfather and two great uncles were also professional fighters.

Christian Carto has the best of Philadelphia boxing promoters in his corner. Behind him is promoter J Russell Peltz who was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2004, and Philadelphia boxing enthusiast Michelle Rosado who has a spotless reputation as marketing strategist for boxing managers and promoters. Both are certain that Christian has a rising boxing career and is instrumental in bringing boxing back to the forefront of Philadelphia.


Christian’s lead trainer, Billy Briscoe, has been training fighters since he was fifteen years old. Billy sees the Philly Special as Christian’s chance to advance. Although it will be a tough fight, he knows Christian is ready.

Being a boxer requires endless training, and the coming together of the whole family and community to rise as a champion. Christian Carto has the personality, talent, family, and community support to secure his spot as the next Philadelphia boxing legend.

Christian’s current record is 17-0, 11 KO.  More information about the upcoming fight can be found on Michelle Rosado’s website. Tickets for the Philly Special on February 8th at 2300 Arena can be purchased here

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