Mighty Writers at Home: First Writing Contest Winner

-Courtesy of Mighty Writers
unnamed (2)MIGHTY CONGRATS to the winner of the first Mighty Writers writing contest (and a $100 gift card!): LYDIA HEATWOLE, age 10, a student regular at MW CAMDEN. (In middle forefront of photo- pre-social distancing).
The Candle Burns Out
By Lydia Heatwole
Sickness It hangs over you like a raincloud that never disappears
Kids at school are whispering about something called the…coronavirus starting to haunt my life
In the store, toilet paper and hand sanitizer are flying off the shelves like migrating geese
Around me, schools are closing, fast, but mine stays open, for now, not forever
My grandparents come to my house but have to leave, because of the virus
My mom flies to a conference in Texas. After she gets there it gets canceled, because of the virus
That weekend, my school closes, now looking sad and abandoned, no people walking in or out
We have to learn at home, feeling cramped in our house with five people in it.
Thankfully, we could still take daily walks to the park
The mayor announces that all parks are closing. We grieve, the park was a part of our body getting ripped off
We still manage to find a way, a small gap in the gate- it takes the place of the gap in our heart
The park opens, but now police cars are everywhere you look, like worms after a rain
My siblings and I are getting antsy, and are fighting like angry hornets, caught and can’t escape
My community is torn apart, practicing social distancing is tiring work, especially for the kids
The only way I can see my friends is through Google Meet, thank God for technology in this time
My cousin’s birthday was canceled, she was going to New York, hope was flattened like a pancake
Even though my birthday is in June, it will possibly be canceled, the candle of hope is slowly burning out
There is no idea how long this will last, but we know one thing, the coronavirus is hell
unnamed (1)
Will your child be the next winner?
While kids are home from school, MW is sponsoring weekly writing contests. Submit your poem (bring it to a lunch site, text, email, or tag @mightywriters on social media) & you could win a $100 gift card!

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