All My Mothers Dream in Spanish at Azuka Theatre highlights the connections between generations

-Brenda Hillegas
photo by Johanna Austin/

Azuka Theatre has teamed up with Teatro del Sol for the World Premiere of All My Mothers Dream in Spanish, at the Proscenim Theatre at the Drake through March 19th. This is a brand new, bilingual play written by Philadelphia playwright and a non-binary Afro-Latinx artist. AZ Espinoza. It’s a beautiful story about three generations of women as they reconnect under a mango tree in a small village, brought together through an ancestor who happens to possesses a certain magic. All My Mothers Dream in Spanish is inspired by Afro-Venezuelan folk history and it’s a unique story about the foundations of a family.

Guiomar, a village queen, shares her gift of magic with her descendants. She visits them, spiritually, and maintains their connection. At the center of the story is Maria Consuelo (Keila Cordova), a grandmother who awaits a visit from her granddaughter Camilla (Cianna Castro). Camilla has returned to the village of her ancestors to join the revolution. Maria Soledad (Taysha Marie Canales) is Camilla’s mother / Maria Consuelo’s daughter. She left her country and her roots to create a new life and successful career in the United States. The show also features Anssumane Silla on percussion, providing another layer to the text with traditional drumming. His presence moves the story along.

Some of this production is performed in Spanish, but if you don’t understand the dialogue- that’s okay. You don’t have to share the same language to see the beauty and message of this show. Music, gestures, tone all provide the backdrop for what’s unfolding. All My Mothers Dream in Spanish celebrates the past, present, and future of one family. Despite differences and growing apart, despite evolving and finding your own voice- All My Mothers Dream in Spanish reminds us to acknowledge where we came from and be proud of the progress we made as a result of our roots.

All performances at Azuka Theatre are pay what you wish, after you see the show. Make a reservation here. Be sure to grab a program to take home too, so you can read more about the story of Guiomar, an actual fact-based historical figure, and the magic in this story.

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