Cherry Blossom Festival returns to Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia’s Luk Fu Restaurant

-Courtesy of Bondfire Media Relations & Consulting, LLC

As a bright welcome to the first day of spring 2023, Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia’s Asian fusion restaurant Luk Fu will host its Cherry Blossom Festival from Monday, March 20 through Sunday, April 16. During the festival, chefs will prepare a special menu filled with traditional dishes to be enjoyed amongst the magnificent pink-and-white cherry blossom trees and bouquets that will enliven the entire restaurant. Guests may also enjoy inspired cocktails in honor of this breathtaking perennial bloom. 

In its second year, Luk Fu is excited to take part in the national tradition of the Cherry Blossom Festival, one that began as a tribute to the 3,000 Japanese cherry trees gifted to Washington D.C. by Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo in 1912. The mayor presented the trees as a symbol of the friendship between Japan and the United States. Over the years, the festival has grown in popularity and significance, leading to its celebration in additional cities across the country marking the arrival of spring and the breathtaking cherry blossom trees. 

As guests enter Luk Fu, they’ll be fully immersed in the beauty of the elegant floral installments, garlands, and accents around the space, igniting the spirit of the festival and readying them for a unique dining experience.  

Luk Fu’s Cherry Blossom Celebration menu will highlight a variety of festive dishes and cocktails. Chefs will prepare items such as the Beef Tenderloin with Asparagus in spicy black bean sauce and Shrimp with String Bean in garlic sauce. The menu also features colorful inspired cocktails such as the Cherry Blossom Bellini and Razzberry Gimlet

To make a reservation at Luk Fu for the Chery Blossom Festival, please visit For more information about promotions and events at Live! Casino & Hotel Philadelphia and Luk Fu please visit and follow along on Instagram at @lukfuphilly

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