FCM Hospitality Debuts New Sophisticated Cocktail Lounge in Rittenhouse

-Courtesy of Aversa PR & Events

FCM Hospitality announces the grand opening of NoChe in Rittenhouse Square on Thursday, December 15th at 1901 Chestnut Street, Second Floor. Hot on the heels of last week’s opening of Rosy’s Cafe just blocks away, Owner Avram Hornik presents a sophisticated and posh cocktail lounge that pays tribute to his former nightclub of the same name that operated in the space from 2004 to 2014. The art deco-themed lounge and bar features a long list of tailor-made cocktails and immersive drink experiences, along with a limited list of complimenting upscale bites.

“They say everything old is new again. FCM Hospitality looks to our past to find inspiration for our newest concept,” said Hornik. “We are excited to revive one of my early concepts and open it in a new and elevated way. NoChe opens just in time for the holidays and it is the perfect location to enjoy cocktails and bites with friends and family through the new year and beyond.”

NoChe, which is short for North of Chestnut, was one of Hornik’s early bars and nightclubs that operated for ten years in this same space. The entrance to the second floor concept is on Chestnut Street, right next to Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. Bringing along the best of the original venue, the new NoChe provides a rare place for adults to have a social get together that isn’t primarily rooted in having a meal. Food is available, but the concept is designed to make cocktails the star of the show.

“NoChe fills the gap of Philly cocktail bars that feel really intimate and exclusive, yet are still warm and inviting,” said Hornik. “It is a special moment to add to your night. Stop by for a stand-alone drink and snacks with friends before – or after – dinner on the Square.”

NoChe’s beverage program is designed by FCM Hospitality Beverage Director Matthew Deutsch, who set out to ensure the surprising combinations found in each drink add to the allure of the overall concept. The menu is broken down into time-honored classics, reimagined concoctions and champagne cocktails, plus beers by draft, can and bottle, seltzers, wines, and a full line of spirits. 

The crown jewel of the NoChe cocktail program are new cocktail boards. This new fan favorite is partially completed table side, allowing guests to be a part of the process allowing an inside glimpse into the cool effects that go along with them. The boards invite guests to play a role in building the finished drink. A menu of partially completed concepts make finishing the recipe more interactive and let everyone be a part of the cool effects in the process. 

No matter which cocktail experience guests sample, all drinks at NoChe are guaranteed to be frosty – stemware will be chilled with liquid nitrogen, maintaining the intended temperature to the last drop. The liquid nitrogen will also be a tool to muddle herbs for a fresher, brighter flavor – and create puffs of smoke while drinks are being made. 

For vibe and atmosphere, NoChe is designed for socialization-not-pretension in its variety of nooks and seating areas. In true FCM fashion, an array of vintage finds and art can be spotted throughout NoChe, adding to the overall personality of the space. Color tones, textures, furniture and interior design are all designed to bring together a sexy, romantic and darker vibe. Patrons will sip their cocktails on poch velvet parlo couches and chairs, in front of dramatic velvet floor to ceiling curtains. Overhead, gold and crystal chandeliers cascade down from the bronze tin ceiling. Other elements include distressed mirrors, a cocktail chalk mural, and modern cabaret tableside lighting. Vintage cameras, giant hourglasses and other retro gems dot the classic bookshelves. 

The relaxed energy from the eight-seat bar is accented by a French and Italian disco-inspired soundtrack. Throughout the entire space, there is seating for 70 guests in total – including the eight at the bar, plus sixteen seats at hightop and 46 seats in the main lounge area. 

Hours of operation are Wednesday through Saturday 5:00pm to 2:00am, and for more information or to make a reservation, visit nochephilly.com or by following on social media @nochephilly on Facebook and Instagram.

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