Blue Man Group Captain Adam Zuick talks about the show’s all new experience coming to Miller Theatre

-Brenda Hillegas
Photo by Lindsey Best

An all-new North American tour of Blue Man Group is stopping in Philadelphia at the Kimmel Cultural Center’s Miller Theatre. For the first time in 10 years, the show is back to wow the Philly audience with an all new experience. Below, Blue Man Captain Adam Zuick talks about the hit phenomenon and why it’s so loved. Don’t miss your chance to experience it on stage this holiday season, from December 27th to 31st!

Q: You have been a Blue Man since 2013. How did you get your start? What’s the audition process like?
A: I auditioned for Blue Man Group in 2012. I moved to NYC to pursue acting professionally. Prior to Blue Man, I was working at regional theaters doing musical theater shows. The audition was definitely the strangest audition I have ever been to. The first steps involve looking into people’s eyes and expressing certain emotions. From there, they have you portray scenarios that require expressing multiple different emotions. Of course, all of this is done solely through the eyes. After that, you are usually given group exercises to see how you are able to communicate and express yourself silently with two other auditionees. This is where you truly get to dive into the Blue Man idea of three-as-one.

Q: As “captain”, what are some of your daily jobs and routines in the show?
A: My duties are mostly in communication. I am the contact between direction or management and the Blue Men. On a weekly basis, I make the schedule for the cast. I am in charge of making sure that the show load is equal amongst the performers and that they perform each role equally. Mostly, I am the person that makes sure that the show is running as it should and that everyone is happy.

Q: Blue Man Group has been a part of the NYC theatre scene since 1991. Why do you think it’s had such staying power?
A: Blue Man Group is unlike any other live theatrical experience. With this show, you never truly know what is going to happen. The audience is a fourth character in the show. This breeds spontaneity, connection, and real time changes in how the show runs on that particular night. The show also speaks to everyone a little differently. The fact that the Blue Men do not speak words, lends itself to people making up their own story of what is going on. I think this experience is what has people still coming to this show 30+ years later.

Q: After being a part of so many Blue Man Group tours, what can you say stands out and really “wow!” with the current one?
A: Throughout my time with Blue Man, the show has been augmented many times. We are constantly changing little things in the show to better the experience for the audience. This National Tour is the newest version of the show that is currently out. Almost all of this show is brand new. New incredible instruments, new set and environment, new audience interaction. It feels completely different than any other Blue Man show ever. There are moments in this show that are truly beautiful. Moments that will leave you saying ‘wow!’. It has been a real pleasure working on this new version of Blue Man and showing the audience something they have never seen before.

Q: This is the first time Blue Man Group has been to Philly in over a decade. Why should the Philly audience come see it again?
A: Like I said, this is a brand new show. The version you saw over a decade ago is a completely different show. This new version has the same wonderful, curious, childlike character, and yet the rest of the show is a brand new experience. If you’ve seen Blue Man Group before, come see this version to see a new taste of the show unlike any show you have seen before. If you have never seen Blue Man Group, you’re in for a real treat!

Tickets can be purchased by calling 215-893-1999 or online at  In-person ticket sales daily from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. at the Academy of Music Box Office (240 S. Broad Street).

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