Enjoy upscale versions of your favorite kid foods at these restaurants!

-Courtesy of Cashman & Associates

French fries, mac and cheese, fresh cookies- how can you pass up food like this when you see it on a menu? Here’s a quick roundup of some places in Philadelphia where you can enjoy “grown-up” versions of your favorite kid-friendly foods.

Cheesesteak / Barclay Prime
If you’re from Philly, you know the power of a well-executed cheesesteak. Barclay Prime’s version takes the humble sandwich to decadent new heights.

Order: Barclay Prime Cheesesteak– wagyu ribeye, foie gras, onions, truffled cheese whiz on a fresh baked sesame roll served with a ½ bottle of champagne 

French fries / Steak 48
Savory French Fries may just be the perfect food. Steak 48’s version, which just launched on their dinner menu, presents the perfect steak fry cut – crispy on the outside with hearty, fluffy potato on the inside and a healthy amount of salt and premium seasonings. Pair it with a glass of champagne!

Order: Truffled & Salted Crispy Fries– Maldon Sea salt, White Truffle oil, and Shaved Parmesan

Tater Tots / Ocean Prime
Feel like a kid again enjoying these crisp yet fluffy potato treats. The addition of smoked gouda is a unique twist on the classic dish.

Order: Smoked Gouda Tater Tots– served with garlic aioli

Mac and Cheese / Parc
The ultimate comfort food, Parc’s version of mac and cheese is an ultra-cheesy, masterpiece. Made with béchamel sauce and gruyère cheese, it guarantees the perfect “cheese pull.”

Order: Macaroni au Gratin– béchamel sauce and gruyère cheese

Pizza / Dolce Italian
Pizza is a cult favorite. Enjoy this pie – hand crafted into a charming star shape with cheese stuffed inside the crust, and topped with high quality Italian meats, rich gorgonzola cheese and truffle oil.

Order: Startufata Pizza– bianca, prosciutto, soppressata, gorgonzola dolce, truffle oil

Chocolate Chip Cookies / The Love
Enjoying a warm and gooey chocolate chip cookie is the perfect way to wrap up your meal, and this version is an elevated, over the top version deep dish version, served a la mode with ice cream and caramel made in-house.

Order: C is for Cookie– chocolate chip cookie skillet, cookie dough ice cream & salted caramel

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