Watermelon Bathtub Presents “Bodies” at Philadelphia Fringe Festival

Have you ever had a deep, difficult, or funny relationship with your own body? Have you ever been able to put into words how it felt? “Bodies” is a cabaret style circus piece that explores the relationships people have with their body, with emphasis on reducing stigma by showing authentic, relatable, and tangible first person narratives that combine spoken word and circus movement.

Learn more about contemporary circus, and the future of this limitless art form, as well as stigmas around certain bodies both within and often excluded from it. “Bodies” will be performing one night only at the Circus Campus (6452 Greene Street, Philadelphia, PA 19119) so don’t miss out!

“Bodies” is presented by Watermelon Bathtub, a partnership of circus artists working to explore
pathways of storytelling by understanding and working with body identity and movement to reflect on social constructions in our communities. “Bodies” will premiere at the Circus Campus on September 24, 2022 at 6:45pm and 8:45pm. Tickets can be purchased here.

For more information on Watermelon Bathtub, visit http://www.watermelonbathtub.com.

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