Applied Mechanics Returns to In-Person Performances During Philadelphia Fringe Festival

-Courtesy of Bryan Buttler Media Relations, LLC

Applied Mechanics, Philadelphia’s visionary, multiracial collective of queer and genderqueer theater artists, returns to live, in-person performances this September as part of the Philadelphia Fringe Festival.  The troupe will present REAL PLANET LIFE, a reality TV show made by and for aliens, September 17 through September 20 at Vox Populi (319 N 11th Street #3, Philadelphia).  The performance is part of Applied Mechanics’ multi-year OTHER ORBITS project, a multi-year, multi-modal theatrical experience that is literally creating a new theatrical world from the ground up. 

Think The Real World meets Pee Wee’s Playhouse.  In REAL PLANET LIFE, beings and creatures of PlaNet try to get along during a 75 minute “red carpet” screening of a Real Housewives-style show.  Expect talking toilets, mushroom trips, fights between puppets, and the story of nine aliens living together in one house.  In short, it’s a reality TV show made by and for aliens.  During the event, old feuds resurface, grievances are aired, and unexpected alien truths come out.  Audience members will find out what was really happening behind-the-scenes during this drama-filled evening of confessions and juicy gossip.

REAL PLANET LIFE is part of Applied Mechanics’ OTHER ORBITS project, which follows a motley crew of non-human beings navigating enormous changes on a distant planet called PlaNet.  Unveiling over nine episodes, audiences will be engrossed in an immersive adventure through time and space experiencing a variety of mediums including radio broadcasts, time capsules through the mail, a record album, and ultimately a large-scale live performance. 

Tickets for REAL PLANET LIFE are available by visiting in August.  Audience members can buy tickets for previous installments of OTHER ORBITS by visiting  If buying a ticket or a subscription for episodes that have already been released, patrons will receive immediate access to those episodes straight away. For future episodes, patrons will gain access to the episode on the launch date.

Applied Mechanics is Rebecca Wright, Severin Blake, Thomas Choinacky, Brett Ashley Robinson, Jessica Hurley, Izzy Sazak, and MK Tuomanen.

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