Center for Art in Wood presents Overlap: The Windgate Wood Arts Residency Exhibition

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Starting August 5,the Center for Art in Wood will present presents Overlap: The Windgate Wood Arts Residency Exhibition 2022, featuring original works by resident fellows of its annual residency program. Throughout the summer, the resident fellows dedicate eight weeks on individual and collaborative work, developing peer relationships, and testing their vision and skill in the material.

This year, the Center awarded these prestigious fellowships to three resident artists, a student artist, a  visual documentarian, and a scholar. During the nine-week program, the fellows are brought to  Philadelphia to work together at the North Philadelphia location of NextFab (1800 N. American Street), a  network of membership-based makerspaces. 

The Windgate Residency (ITE) is one of the foundational programs in the Center for Art in Wood’s  history, bringing together artists from all over the world,” said Jennifer-Navva Milliken, Center for Art in Wood’s Executive Director and Chief Curator. “For two months, these resident artists will share a studio space in Philadelphia, drawing inspiration from the city and creative landmarks while engaging in a fluid and meaningful exchange with each other. The unlikely mix of wood-based artists with researchers and documentarians, a model envisioned by the Centers co-founder and Executive Director Albert LeCoff, creates unique opportunities for new discoveries and artistic breakthroughs.” 

The resident artists selected for the 2022 Windgate Program can pursue both individual and  collaborative work that is explorative and experimental. The three artists selected for this year’s  program are Philadelphia’s James Maurelle, Janice Smith, and Chris Strob.

Maurelle is a multi-media artist known for exploring the correlation formed between labor and creativity in his sculpture, installation, and performance. As an artist and woodworker, Smith has been designing and building unique wood furniture for 40 years and enjoys playing with balance and asymmetry to create a sense of movement in her work. Storb brings over 40 years of professional experience in historic furniture and is known for his expertise in the history of woodworking techniques, processes, and materials. Student artist and Colorado native Kailee Bosch has a background in woodturning, creating both functional objects and speculative designs inspired by blending traditional craft practices with digital fabrication. 

Joining the fellows as the Windgate visual documentarian is Wisconsin-based woodworker and furniture designer Katie Hudnall, who will record the residents’ experience in real-time using a medium of her choice. Midway through the residency, Toronto-based author and craft expert D Wood will join the cohort for one week as the Windgate scholar exploring personal research, engaging in open discussions, and conducting interviews with each fellow. The goal of the exchange is to encourage dialog among the residents and provide a basis for a written reflection.

Windgate residents also participate in several Center-sponsored educational events, including an Open Studio Day at the NextFab North, where the public can view artist demonstrations and discuss works-in progress. The fellows also visit artists, collectors, and museums throughout the region.  

The Windgate residency concludes with the presentation of the artists’ work in a multi-disciplinary  exhibition that features each fellow’s experience and growth by including objects produced before and  during the program. Three-dimensional work is accompanied by photos and essays documenting the  residency experience. Residents will have opportunities to share their professional and personal  Windgate experiences with the public Gallery Talks following the exhibition’s opening. 

In the last 26 years, over 160 artists have participated in this renowned residency, including American curator and historian Glenn Adamson, Korean sculptor Cha Jong-Rye, and Ghanaian sculptor and fantasy  coffin carpenter Eric Adjetey Anang. 

Opening reception with the Windgate Resident Fellows | Aug 5 | 5:30-8 PM Gallery talk | 6-7 PM
The exhibit runs through October 23rd.

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