Visit Sugar Factory Philadelphia to try all new menu items and epic drinks!

-Brenda Hillegas

Sure, there are plenty of amazing shakes and cocktails at Sugar Factory American Brasserie- which opened a Center City Philadelphia location in December of 2021- but the new brunch, lunch and dinner menus are really going to have you running to make a reservation! Keep reading to find out what to expect.

First thing’s first though, we did of course get a couple of Sugar Factory’s signature goblets. There are so many to choose from and the best part is that all of them can be made non-alcoholic too. They’re perfect for sharing…or not!

Make sure your phone is charged for all of the Instagrammable moments at Sugar Factory. You’ll definitely want to take video of the goblets as they smoke and bubble! We got peach mango (with vodka) and watermelon patch (also with vodka). Both of these were designed and tested by Pitbull, just one of the many celebrities that have signature drinks on the menu.

For video of these drinks- check out @shamrockenroll on TikTok

Now, that new menu! The new Spicy Arrabiata Spaghetti- served with shrimp and a whole Maine lobster tail- is a must! Sugar Factory’s menu is all around great. So many of the pasta and burger dishes jumped out at me, but the Arrabiata Spaghetti just kept begging to be ordered. This is a new item and it’s one of the best dishes I’ve had recently. I would absolutely order it again.

You can add lobster, shrimp or chicken to any of the pasta dishes

Other new options include a Shrimp Penne Alfredo, pan-seared steaks, the South Beach Flair burger, and a selection of stir fry dishes. And if you’re really celebrating a special occasion, go all out for the 24K Gold Burger that’s dripped in 24k gold leaves, served with gold dusted french fries and a 24K Gold Milkshake (you’ll get Ferrero Rocher golden truffles and a gold draped chocolate glazed donut too).

Grill and Entree menu items come with a dirty hash brown (stuffed with cheddar cheese, applewood bacon, sour cream and onions). Make sure someone from your table orders off this section so you can try the hash brown! So good! My friend went with the strip steak.

Though we were more than pleased with our choices, the Brick Chicken and Garlic Steak Stir-Fry were also major contenders. Next time! Soups, salads and sandwiches on toasted bread take up a good portion of the menu too- great options for a light lunch.

The dessert menu includes some cakes, cookies, and a fondue. Or you can convince your whole group to dig into the World Famous Sugar Factory King Kong Sundae that serves 12 people and includes 20 scoops of ice cream. But the milkshakes have to be a part of your experience!

The Giggle Snickers includes cookies and cream ice cream, a whole Snickers bar, toasted peanuts and a waffle.
All of the sweet and creative cocktails can also be made non-alcoholic! These are perfect dessert options too. Seen above is the Peanut Butter Cup martini.

I’m adding Sugar Factory to my Philly brunch list too because what’s not to love about new pancake stacks (like Cookie Jar Buttermilk with Oreo crumbles, chocolate chips, an ice cream cone and a Hershey’s Cookies ‘N Cream chocolate bar), crepes (S’mores Nutella Crepe sounds incredible), and Strawberry Cheesecake Stuffed waffles? Omletes, iced coffees that are just as insane as their shakes, and spiked mimosas are also on the menu. You can find out more about all of the new menu items here.

For Sugar Factory’s complete menu, visit the website here.

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