You gotta try- hot dogs and tacos (and more!) with a Southeast Asian flare at Coney Shack in University City!

-Brenda Hillegas

Look for this guy on Chestnut between 38th and 39th!

Get ready for something incredibly different! Coney Shack made it’s way to University City from NYC and you have to get there! This new fast-casual spot will be a hit with the college kids, but every Philly foodie looking for a new place to try this summer needs to come. It’s BYO too! Lawrence Mach and Michael Tang bring Mexican and American street food together- favorites like hot dogs and tacos- and throw in a Southeast Asian twist.

Not interested in bringing your own drinks? No problem! The Boardwalk Tiki Bar has tasty non-alcoholic options! You can also buy water or a variety of Jarritos sodas at the counter.

And on to the food! There are a few main options- hot dogs, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and rice bowls. The hot dogs come with some wild toppings! I tried the Chicka Dog with garlic lemongrass chicken and sweet chilly spicy mayo- just to name a few of the things this dog comes with! There’s also one with Vietnamese beef shortrib and another with calamari! And they come on a toasted sesame seed roll! Tacos- also insane with options that include popcorn oyster mushroom, tofu, fish, lemongrass chicken and more. Building a bowl, burrito or quesadilla is great because you can mix and match the amazing flavors available at Coney Shack. No matter what you pick, the coco curried corn is a must. And good luck picking between the sauces- lemongrass aioli, sweet chilli spicy mayo, cilantro lime crema, fire roasted salsa verde, burnt salsa arbrol! See the menu for yourself here. Lucky for us, we got to sample a bit of everything in bowl form and when I return, I’ll be prepared with my choices!

Don’t pass up a hot dog.
Beautiful Chicka Dog!

Side options include elotes (yes, order this!), waffle fries (because who doesn’t want fries with their hot dogs), and wings (available in honey siracha or scotch bonnet).

Decked out in a Coney Island theme with splashes of the 1979 film, The Warriors, on murals and the television hanging on the wall, Coney Shack shows visitors what they can expect aside from the fun and games of Brooklyn’s famous amusement park. From street tacos to rice bowls with incredible flavors blended together, and hot dogs that are elevated to the max, your taste buds will never experience anything like this elsewhere. That’s a guarantee.

This place is worth a trek across the city.

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