Amazing food and drink options at Uptown Beer Garden

-Brenda Hillegas

Becky Marg on the left, When Life Gives you Lemons on the right.

Teddy Sourias and Craft Concepts Group recently reopened Uptown Beer Garden on JFK Blvd. The new, bigger location is a beer garden oasis right in Center City! Step inside the gates, grab a table by one of the two bars or cozy up in the beautiful new seating arrangements with blue couches, surrounded by flowers and shade! There’s plenty of space for parties of all sizes. The drink and food variety is built to match whatever vibe you’re feeling on any given day too. Beers with friends? Ladies night out? Snacks? Dinner? Yes to all of it!

If you’re going for a “let’s pretend I’m not in the city” evening, sit in front of the frozen drink machine and order a crab cake sandwich. Step it up with a drink in a pouch like the Beach Scene (Ketel One peach and orange blossom with peach schnapps and coconut water). If you’re entertaining out-of-towners or just want to show love for Philly favorites, grab a cheese steak or roast pork sandwich (on seeded rolls, mmm) and a beer from the local selection like 2SP Brewery, Sly Fox, Evil Genius and Cape May.

Great menu with something for everyone!

I tried a couple of the cocktails and really enjoyed them. The Becky Marg includes cucumber jalepeno tequila and White Claw! This is a must-try! I also loved the Blue Hue with the locally made Bluecoat Elderflower Gin, honey and champagne! I will be back to get a watermelon frose and the crab gravy poutine too!

The Uptown Beer Garden is located across from Love Park and steps away from Suburban Station. The cities buses, trains, trolleys and subway lines are all right there. With so many public transportation, you’ll easily be able to meet up with friends no matter what neighborhood you’re coming from in Philly. Make a plan to check it out this summer!

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