Be A Survivor at Mad Rex

-Dominique Verrecchio


Are you a survivor? That’s the question that Mad Rex, the world’s first post-apocalyptic-themed restaurant (1000 Frankford Ave), is asking. From the mind of Pavel Rathousky, the restaurant is equipped with fire breathers, servers in apocalypse themed attire and a giant graffiti helicopter hanging above the DJ both.

The cocktails were incredibly refreshing and served in awesome glasses…mine had a bullet in it! I would definitely suggest The Second Sight (Gin, elderflower liqueur, herb honey, simple syrup, fresh lemon juice and Pom juice).


After cocktail hour we found a seat in the lounge area, decked out with lavish, yet rugged couches, chairs and coffee tables. The server brought over steak, salmon, chicken, and a black volcanic rock. That’s right. Even though it is brought to your table rare, you finish cooking your food (with a different variety of sauces) on a steaming black volcanic rock- super survivor style! It was a lot of fun and the meat was absolutely delicious.

The VR room is something I can safely say that no one has ever experienced before in a restaurant. Put the goggles on and you’re in a different world. The whole vibe of Mad Rex is fun, exciting and different. It’s a brand new kind of dining and entertainment experience.

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical about a post-apocalyptic themed restaurant featuring a VR lounge and cocktail IVs. But after going, dining and experiencing everything that Mad Rex has to offer, I can say that I definitely enjoyed it. If you’re interested in dining survivor style, Mad Rex’s grand opening is this Friday, October 6. Go check it out!

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