The 7th Annual Drink Pink Philly

-Santina Pescatore

“Be comfortable in your own skin while living beyond breast cancer.”

DJ Russ Ferrante says this is the theme for the upcoming Drink Pink Philly benefit he organizes to help women fighting breast cancer.

The 7th Annual Drink Pink Philly for Breast Cancer Awareness will be held on October 21, 2017, from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. at Toll Man Joe’s (26 E. Oregon Avenue).

The benefit will be dedicated to Michele Sutera who was chosen two years ago to be honored by Drink Pink Philly and received the proceeds from fundraising. Sadly, Michele passed away in January from breast cancer. Ferrante explained that Sutera helped raise funds for the benefit in her last days. 

Ferrante’s long term goal is to help create awareness by spreading information about breast health and breast cancer, and to be able to help women battling cancer all year round. Sutera helped him understand how mammograms are most times not even offered to women until they are 40 years old; however, he has known at least three women who have breast cancer in their thirties. Furthermore, breast density is also an issue when detecting cancerous tumors in the breast.

Alana Ferr Atelier will be present at the event for a fashion showcase- the idea in mind is to be comfortable in your own skin. Music will not only be provided by Russ Ferrante, but also by Mike Xtacy, Epi DeJesus, Steve Nolfi, and Dave Serious.

A ticket for the event, which will be $35-$40, includes admission, a t-shirt designed by Ferrante, and a free drink. To buy a ticket you can contact Russ Ferrante at 215-317-4425 or email or

The benefit will surely be a great time, and it will be a great way to combat such a terrible disease. Make sure to save the date!

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