La Festa 2017 Presented by Filitalia International

-Joei DeCarlo

Food, friends and festivities are the best words to describe La Festa Della Repubblica, better know as La Festa. The festival is sponsored by Filitalia International & Foundation and has occurred on the first Sunday of June for the past seven years. Filitalia International & Foundation works to strengthen Italian heritage with language lessons, academic scholarships, The Columbus Day Parade and, of course, La Festa. La Festa began in 2010 honoring the birth of the Italian Republic after WWII. Portions of the proceeds of the event benefit the foundation itself, its scholarship fund, the museum, and their Christmas Seals Campaign.

The event took place yesterday on Passyunk Avenue outside of The History of Italian Immigration Museum from 2-7 PM. Celebrating in traditional Italian style, vendors offered cannolis, fried rice balls, meatball sandwiches, and more. Guests traveled up and down the avenue touring the food and drink options and listening to live music. Vendors had photos and other items to sell, along with wine and vodka mixers. Children were also entertained with games including balloon pop, a duck river and a trampoline.

The event featured Bob Pantano who performed his “Sound of Philadelphia” show and hosted the annual spaghetti eating contest. Entertainment was also provided by Stellar Mojo, Felicia Punzo, and GHS Italian Folk Dancers.

If you’d like to learn more about Filitalia International & Foundation you can visit them at their website here.

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