The League’s Philly Launch Party

-Moriah Kelley

Dating- or maybe I should say attempting to date- can be the worst. I am going out on a limb and saying that singles (which I am) are tired of swiping right and left, analyzing endless bios, scrutinize pictures, and trying to decipher if what the potential date is telling us really is true. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a team to help you find a host of people that at least met your minimum standards in order to make your search for that deep connection easier? On June 13th, The League dating app is set to launch for 2,000 handpicked Philadelphia Professionals to change the way they online date.

The League’s founder and creator, Amanda Bradford, holds an MBA from Stanford and a BS in Information Systems from Carnegie Mellon. She worked at both Salesforce and Google in a variety of technical and product roles before attending Stanford Graduate School of business, where the idea for The League was born.

“I was frustrated by the superficiality of the dating apps out there and wanted to know more about each person than just what they looked like,” she explained. “I was also frustrated by the lack of privacy. The last thing I wanted was for my coworkers, boss, or someone I was doing business with to stumble across my dating profile.”

She thought there had to be a better way for single professionals to meet other single professionals.

“Keeping a strong separation between work and personal life was important to me,” she continued. “The League addresses both of these issues. The curation component was inspired from me being at business school, which brings together interesting, intelligent, and extremely ambitious people from all industries and backgrounds.”

Bradford told me the app is a platform for power couples that promotes relationship equality. Users have the ability to look for their intellectual equal- a true partner and someone who is enlightened enough to realize “the gender stereotypes present in our parent’s generation are outdated and irrelevant in today’s world. In short, our users want a partner who will support them in chasing their dreams, but will also be chasing their own.”

Given that the League is targeted towards busy professionals focusing on advancing their career, a critical feature is the app’s integration with LinkedIn. This integration allows the app to block you from coworkers, business contacts, and Facebook friends, therefore keeping your personal life separate from your career. “This integration also shows your work and education history, as we’ve seen that education level and profession are very statistically significant in successful matches,” Bradford said.

I was lucky enough to attend the launch party for her creation, held at Monarch Philly on Thursday night. Walking into the Monarch, I was greeted by a genuine team who created the perfect vibe of sophistication and fun for a room full of strangers wanting to meet and mingle. The theme for these launch parties are a ranking of the “Top 15 Cities of Aspiring Power Couples” and our city of Philadelphia came in at a strong #7.  The atmosphere served as the perfect temperature for meeting others. Both men and women were approachable, outgoing, and all carried confidence and ambition. All great qualities that, if in real life are met, should transpire once the app is launched.

The curated community that The League has created is a meaningful online dating site to help connect you to the other half of your “Power Couple”, to balance each other and be your best self.  When asked why Philadelphia, Bradford answered that now was the perfect time for Philadelphia to come on board. “It is clear that there are tons of ambitious, highly-intelligent men and women in Philly who are single and looking for other career-oriented, like-minded people,” she told me. 

To determine their next set of cities to launch, the League team analyzed 100 cities in America using a predictive model to rank cities best suited for the ‘aspiring power couple’ population that make up the app’s community. Power couples, as The League defines them, are those who are not only ambitious and successful in their own right, but desire to be in a relationship of equals.

“We used data from our successful League power couple matches in its existing cities to find variables that serve as predictors,” Bradford explained for the process. “We then input a variety of city data sets to forecast which city is most apt to foster power couples. Some of the data sets include, but are not limited to user’s preferences , data on the wait list as compared to public Census data, LinkedIn usage data as compared to Facebook usage data in said city, higher education rates, density of city, and the male to female ratio.”

Thank you to Amanda Bradford and the rest of The League staff members for giving me hope in what I thought was a hopeless future of online dating! And for those curious- I did mix a little business with pleasure and gave my number out to one suitor in my quest to become a Philadelphia Power Couple.

For more information and to see if you qualify for the League, visit

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