“The Positivity Charge” Returned to Rittenhouse

After a sellout crowd in December, The Positivity Charge (TPC) returned to focus on build, fuel, and body. TPC was co-founded by Parisha Smith and Dr. Rubina Tahir, encouraging people to follow along on their positive journey to better health and wellness initiatives. On March 25th, The Positivity Charge retreat opened its doors for the second time at Ethical Society of Philadelphia, bringing together like-minded individuals to cultivate healthier communities. Attendees were able to “recharge” in areas of health, wellness, food, creativity and business.

Research shows that positive thinkers are better at building skills, boosting health, and improving work outcomes. TPC was designed to inspire a better version of YOU with all of the workshops, workouts, and speakers aimed to help YOU find your inner positive self!

The recent retreat included a group workout session and an inspirational speech from keynote speaker Tania “The Machine” Baron, along with meditation, and a variety of workshops.  TPC sessions are designed to help improve your wellness and apply positive thinking in all areas of life.

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