PA Spirits Convention Launches First Event

by Moriah Kelley


Pennsylvania Spirits held their first convention at Citizens Bank Park yesterday evening. This is the state where American distilling began over 300 years ago! 

Meeting the men and women behind bottles of gin, vodka, whiskey, and rye brought a deeper understanding of what goes into making a great product. The ingredients they use and the relationships their businesses create with local farmers and their communities is wonderful!

Another fun addition; bartenders from local bars here in Philadelphia were paired up at each station to create innovative cocktails!  My favorites were from Devil’s Den, Farmicia and National Mechanics.

Although I didn’t taste anything I didn’t like, my two favorites were samples from Philadelphia’s Jaquins in Fishtown, and Rowhouse Spirits located on Frankford Ave. Others includes Maggie’s Farm from Pittsburgh, Old Republic Distillery from York, Hidden Stills Spirits from Lebanon, and Dad’s Hat from Bristol.

There were also great snack vendors; two of which I had to buy from to take home! D’s Nuts based out of King of Prussia, who with each purchase donates money to prostate cancer. Sherwood Farms, who sells at the Reading Terminal Market every Thursday, sold me on some bourbon horseradish mustard and apricot habanero jam.

With 59 vendors, it was hard to meet, taste, and appreciate every single spirit on hand. However, it’s pretty clear that the convention succeeded in bringing vendors from our state together to share their passion of making superb spirits with the general public. 

I look forward to drinking local more often and I hope you do too!



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