What Could Possibly Go Wrong at 1812 Productions?

-Brenda Hillegas
photo by John Flak

Well…just a little bit of everything.

The Philadelphia professional premiere of the hilarious Broadway hit, The Play That Goes Wrong, arrives at the most perfect place for such a fantastic farce. Get over to 1812 Productions, Philly’s all-comedy theatre, by May 21st to watch this this train wreck of a good time directed by the theatre’s own Jennifer Childs.

The Play That Goes Wrong launched just over a decade ago in the UK by the award-winning company Theatre Mischief. Since then, it has played to sold-out audiences on the West End, Broadway and is currently running Off-Broadway too. It’s a play within a play- members of an amateur theatre troupe, and some of their stagehands even, are all hands on deck to perform The Murder at Haversham Manor for an unsuspecting audience. But nothing seems to go right! Nothing! You won’t be able to contain your laugher, gasps, and whispers of “what could happen next?” as the eight characters- made up of some Philly area faves- keep you on the edge of your seat to see what unravels in the next beat.

Cast members Scott Greer, Melanie Cotton, Tony Lawton, Sean Close, Justin Jain, Eli Lynn, Karen Peakes, and Ian Peakes try to keep it all together in their roles of professionals putting on a very serious 1920s-inspired mystery. It’s a straight up blast and what they’re doing seems like a ton of fun, but the hard work they put into it all to make sure no one actually gets smashed by a falling set or gets a concussion at any given minute is very impressive. You’ll fear for their lives, yet hope for more disasters all at the same time.

Don’t wait to hear from someone else about how it all comes crashing down…literally. If you want to see some of the best Philly-based actors thrown into an insane physical comedy, get your tickets right here.

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