Holiday spirt is high at This Is The Week That Is!

-Brenda Hillegas
photo by Wide Eyed Studios

Okay, now it’s time to celebrate. 1812 Productions’ popular political satire show, This Is The Week That Is, kicks off the theatre’s new season. Now through December 31st at Plays and Players Theatre, you can also get a heavy dose of Christmas cheer as Jennifer Childs (the show’s creator), Sean Close, Pax Ressler, Brenson Thomas, Robyn Unger, Lexi Thammavong, and Jackie Soro twist the headlines and add in the elements of a Christmas pageant that you’ll actually want to attend!

For the last 17 years, this hilarious show has presented the world’s current events in a way that just makes you laugh. And we all need to laugh, it’s been too serious lately! This Is The Week That Is combines sketches (think SNL), improv, musical numbers and impressions to create a unique theatre experience. Last night, as a vodka seltzer splashed around my new 1812 Productions adult sippy cup, I witnessed a few theatrical wonders that I’m betting not many other theatres can do for you!

A heated political campaign, along with all those annoying commercials we’re sick of, finds your favorite Christmas songs and characters go head to head as the public declares the winner. Frosty vs. Santa gets intense! Then, watch your favorite holiday movies come to life on stage reimagined for the 2022 audiences. Ghosts of Christmas past? How about a couple of Joe Bidens from previous decades compete on Jeopardy instead? Mix in some improvised holiday songs, swanky costumes (Santa cat pants?!), and a South Philly Christmas story read from a nosy neighbor’s stoop. Hell, even Oprah and Gritty may show up.

All laughs aside, the show ends on a very sweet full ensemble performance that shows off their combined talents- as a band! This final scene will send you home with all the warm fuzzies and encourage you to come back sometime to celebrate again.

1812 Productions is the only professional theater company in the country dedicated to comedy. For tickets to this season’s shows and more info, visit

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