Les Miserables Returns to the Kimmel Cultural Campus- our Q&A with cast member Eden Mau

Les Miserables returns to Philadelphia from November 2nd to the 13th- the production’s 12th visit to our city. RowHome spoke with cast member Eden Mau (ensemble and understudy for Cosette) ahead of this epic show’s return to Philly. Read our Q&A below to find out more about her family’s background in theatre (her dad was in the show as Enjolras in the ’90s), what she loves about this production and why she thinks Philly loves it so much too! Don’t miss your chance to see Les Miserables at the Kimmel Cultural Campus Academy of Music.

Q: You come from a theatre family- what is your earliest theatre memory? What was the first show you saw as a child?
A: I have a lot of memories from my early early childhood being in the theatre world. To this day, the backstage of The Phantom of the Opera has a distinct smell that brings me back to my toddler days with my parents working there. I have memories of the ballerinas in Phantom putting make-up and tutus on me in their dressing rooms. My first show that I ever saw was The Phantom of the Opera

Q: Is there anything about this tour that you think makes it stand out compared to previous tours of the show?
A: Although, I have not had the opportunity to do Les Mis before, I would have to say something really special about this production so far has been the incredible cast and creatives we are working with. So many of the actors have a new take on these classic characters and it really brings this show to life. 

Q: What’s your favorite scene or song from Les Miserables?
A: I would have to say “Master of House” is one of my favorite songs to perform. It’s always a hoot and we get to be so goofy and let loose a little. 

Q: This is the show’s 12th visit to Philadelphia! Why do you think audiences love the story so much?
A: I think people enjoy being transported when they go to the theatre and Les Mis does a really good job of immersing audiences in a whole new world that is epic and grandiose. Not to mention the incredible voices, costumes, set, and everything else that takes this show to the level that it is. 

Q: Is there anything you’re looking forward to doing here on your days off or downtime?
A: Philly is one of the closest locations to New York that we are going to, so I am very excited for some of my New York friends to come visit and see the show! Also, I’m looking forward to trying out as many local restaurants as possible! 

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