Spend Halloween weekend with SAW The Musical: The Unauthorized Parody of Saw!

-Brenda Hillegas

Last night, while most of Philadelphia was celebrating our home team’s World Series playoff spot, a bunch of theatre lovers were unaware as we were seeing another shade of red…blood. Come see some guys chained up, trying to survive Jigsaw’s deadly games…and laugh at their circumstances! SAW The Musical: The Unauthorized Parody of Saw is playing at The Adrienne Theater Mainstage through October 30th only! It’s a clever show that takes the hit psychological thriller franchise to a whole new level- comedy! Song! Dance!

For real, there’s a great dance number featuring Dr. Lawrence Gordon (played by Quinn Moran) and a blow up doll. See? It’s not a scary show! Or is it?

The cast also includes Jack O’Brien as Adam and Sarah K. Adams as Amanda. The trio play other characters as well, which I always find impressive, especially in a farce comedy like Saw. There’s no need to take this show seriously, everyone is having fun here and you will too. I loved watching O’Brien and Moran on stage together, chained up and doing their thing. Great voices, great acting, great job not breaking character (because I absolutely would be if I had to play opposite either one of them). Did I mention there’s puppets? Of course- Jigsaw! And if you buy a special ticket, you can even meet him after the show (as far as I know, he hasn’t killed any audience members).

Saw The Musical: The Unauthorized Parody of Saw is created by Cooper Jordan (DEX! A Killer Musical, The Rat Pack Undead), with a book by Zoe Ann Jordan (Virtuoso (NYCHFF)), and music/lyrics by Patrick Spencer & Anthony De Angelis (An Axemas Story). As a huge Broadway fan, I knew this show was gold when I saw it was directed by Tony Award Winner Stephanie Rosenberg (Easter Bunny HOP! LIVE; Co-Producer: Moulin Rouge! The Musical, Anastasia). Plus, I LOVE a good parody with original music! Saw checks all the boxes for me.

You don’t have to be a fan of Saw or horror movies to enjoy this. Sure, it helps! But at the end of the day, this is just a hilarious show that pokes fun at a genre that’s almost always over the top. It’s a great night out and something unique to do this Halloween season. You’ll laugh your ass off and be begging for a cast recording. This is some catchy shit!

This is the tryout opening for the show with three more chances before it closes! Catch it here before the rest of the world sees it. More info and ticket details here. And yes,

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