Those With 2 Clocks opens Wilma’s 2022-23 season with laughs, dancing and no boundaries!

-Brenda Hillegas
Jenn Kidwell, Mel Krodman, and Jess Conda, photo by Johanna Austin

Come for the hilariously refreshing comedy and stay to dance the night away with the cast, crew and audience members. Jess Conda, Jenn Kidwell, and Mel Krodman- the performers and co-creators behind Those With 2 Clocks– welcome you to join them as they expose it all and kick patriarchal norms to the curb. Sit down under a disco ball and get ready for the unexpected.

Those With 2 Clocks is a beautiful mix of sketch comedy shorts, relatable characters, costume changes (and strip downs), impressions and some improv once the audience plays along. It’s even a bit of Magic Mike. The first half is non-stop with joke after joke, gasp after gasp, laugh after laugh that will all make you think hard about what you saw and how the world is built around us. Conda, Kidwell, and Krodman, known collectively as Tall Order, invite you to get completely comfortable…and uncomfortable…during this night at the theatre. It’s knee-slapping and thought-provoking. You just have to be there!

Once the show ends, you can leave of course. But you are also invited to step down to the stage which opens up into a dance club complete with Robi D Light (winner of Go Magazine‘s Reader’s Choice Award for best R&B DJ). And if you don’t want to dance, there’s plenty of space to sit around, relax and make conversation. There’s even a wall you can throw stuff at! This portion of the performance encourages us to come as you are, no matter who you are or what you are- you are welcomed in this space.

Truly, this is an awesome night out. Grab some friends and head to the theater early to enjoy a cocktail or bite to eat at Good Karma Café, located in the lobby. Laugh your asses off at the performance and then stick around for a night of dancing or just hanging out on stage. In fact, you can actually purchase seats on stage for the entire performance if you want…if you dare.

At the very least, you’ll leave with a couple of new dirty jokes to tell your friends. But I promise, you’ll really enjoy yourself at this show. Keep in mind, there is some nudity and humor around violence so if that might trigger or offend you, it’s best to stay home. If you’re open to anything and have thick skin, though, get tickets here. Those With 2 Clocks runs through October 23rd at the Wilma, but I really see this show going far. Off-Broadway? I can picture it. And I’d totally buy a ticket!

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