1812 Productions’ This Is The Week That Is returns with a satirical look at today’s headlines

-Brenda Hillegas
feature photo by Mark Garvin

Where can you find a more enjoyable take on world headlines? Impressions? Billionaire Wheel of Fortune? A mini-musical about Covid with an appearance by good old smallpox and polio? A sing-a-long?! Well, through May 22nd, you can find this unique combination of sketch and improv comedy (and some choreography!) at Plays and Players Theatre as you sit back, laugh, and celebrate the return of This Is The Week That Is! For the past 16 years, an ensemble cast of performers/writers have been putting a hilarious spin on stuff that has been getting us down in the world with a format reminiscent of prime time reality shows, late night segments, and sketch comedy series. Here, we’re encouraged to have a sense of humor as the cast parodies the stories that shock us, make us shake our heads and worry about the future. Need a break from the outside doom? Come on in to 1714 Delancey Place!

The show featured Jennifer Childs, Sean Close, Pax Ressler (also the music director), Frank Jimenez, Donnie Hammond, Lexi Thammavong, and Jackie Soro. With so many original comedy productions credited to the theatre company over the last 25 years, the 1812 cast certainly knows how to be original and highlight the most absurd details in recent headlines. No wonder 1812 Productions received a commission from the American Theatre Wing to create a documentary about the creative process of This Is The Week That Is! You can view it here. But of course nothing is better than seeing comedy created right in front of you. No two shows are the same as the news evolves every day and life on this earth gets more and more ridiculous!

1812 Productions was founded by Jennifer Childs and Peter Pryor in 1997. I have a very special place in my heart for this type of comedy and love seeing it unfold. Having 1812 Productions’- the only professional theater company in the country dedicated to comedy- in Philadelphia is something everyone in our city should take seriously actually! Head out to a live theatre performance (with your mask and vax card please) and see 1812 Productions’ This Is The Week That Is. This show runs through May 22nd only but will be back next season from December 1st through 31st! Tickets and info here.

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