Uptown Beer Garden Presents U-Ville!

-Brenda Hillegas

Craft Concepts Group went all out this holiday season. Christmas is here at Uptown Beer Garden and even if you insist on celebrating Thanksgiving first, all of the holly jolly and winter wonderland experiences will be ready for you in Center City after you eat your turkey. Seriously, like make plans to visit this place next week!

If you’re familiar with Uptown Beer Garden, you know a portion of it is outside. So bundle up! But the main bar area is tented up so you can relax with some drinks, sit at the many tables, and let the virtual fireplaces warm your cold heart (if you’re the Grinch that is…and he may make an appearance).

There are festive photo ops and decorations at every turn! Christmas trees, Santa’s sleigh with City Hall as the backdrop, delightful red, white and green pods where you can cozy up with your friends and family as you sip some hot cider! Even the food is gooey and delicious- like the mac and cheese balls, blue cheese burgers with bacon, and chicken cheese steaks. Mmm.

Cocktails, of course, will get you in the Christmas mood. Some come in cute commemorative cups too so you can always think about your time in U-Ville! I sampled the U-Ville Coquito which is one of my favorite holiday drinks, and the Pecan Pie with Jim Beam vanilla, butter pecan whiskey and ginger beer. My friend had the cider and Grey Goose in a Pear Tree (which comes in a little ornament). But the menu has around a dozen to pick from with ingredients like cinnamon, mint, orange, champagne, and maple to highlight the holidays.

Follow Uptown Beer Garden on Instagram @uptownbeergarden for more about the U-Ville holiday pop up!

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