Da Vinci Art Alliance Presents MIND CARNIVAL, an Interactive Kinetic Exhibition

-Courtesy of Bryan Buttler Media Relations, LLC

Da Vinci Art Alliance is proud to present Mind Carnival, a solo exhibition of works by David Deakin. The exhibition opens at Da Vinci Art Alliance in Galleries 1 & 2 on August 26th. The show will be on view at DVAA gallery hours through its installment, Thursday – Sunday 12-5pm.  The public and press are invited to attend at any open time.

Made up of large installations, interactive sculptures, simple images, and complex narratives, Mind Carnival reflects on the states of mind directing our world view. Mind Carnival combines conceptual art foundations with narrative text and appropriated cultural iconography in an aesthetic pursuit of investigation. David Deakin, artisan and visual philosopher, uses cultural symbols and historical analysis to convey the effects of prevailing socio-political powers on the human mind. 

“This is beautifully crafted and provocative. The content is thoughtful, artfully organized and invites critical thinking and reflection. Voice and passion are evident in this piece. The flow of ideas works very well and guides the reader (even the non artist) to a way of considering art that may be brand new,” says Laurie Nicholson, DEd., Professor Emerita IUP.

Using his work to infiltrate the social realm, David Deakin communicates lines of thought through image experimentation and experiential manipulation. Extending beyond the neoliberal capitalist economic model, Mind Carnival envisions a marriage of the arts and sciences to provide an expansion of our collective vision of the world. 

“Da Vinci Art Alliance is extremely honored to present this body of work and await its promise to refresh our vision of seeing the world,” said Former Executive Director Jarrod Markman.  “As a result of two years of planning, this 5 week long exhibition emerges alongside an ambitious new trajectory for DVAA. Colliding narrative, history, machines, technology and new media, Mind Carnival embodies the transdisciplinary practices of our namesake, Leonardo da Vinci. The installation illuminates David Deakin’s determination and exemplifies curatorial diligence, creating extraordinary versions of the ordinary and giving tangible form to feelings and the unknown.”

David Deakin studied Western history at Muhlenberg College where he encountered the world of art. Once realizing the historical importance of visual art, Deakin attended The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art where his training was focused upon mastery of the various classic mediums of visual imagery. Through PAFA Deakin was introduced to Marion Locks, a well respected gallery owner in Philadelphia where he was represented through the 1970’s. 

Established in Philadelphia, David became involved with a collaborative of artists called Old City Arts where they staged festivals and performances at various neighborhood venues. His experience with Locks Gallery, Old City Arts, and a major Duchamp exhibit reframed his choice of visual medium, view of art world, and the very notion of art to move away from abstract painting into applied arts and design and assemblages, starting with work in a display house, a residential architectural firm, and lastly into estate garden design.

Using art as a tool for investigation, Deakin has been making assemblage sculptures and mixed media works for decades, focusing on important themes as they emerge. As he explains, “What I make, what I write, and what I say are all composites of the deposits my moment in time has brought.”

Da Vinci Art Alliance (DVAA) provides artists with a community that fosters artistic expression and growth through our exhibitions and programs.

DVAA is a supportive community of artists and creatives focused on capturing the spirit of Leonardo da Vinci. A luminary artist, scientist, architect, engineer, musician and humanitarian, Da Vinci’s curiosity inspires creativity, innovation and collaboration among our membership. Like Leonardo, we ask big questions, ponder complex ideas, experiment with form and create new ways of engaging with and sharing our art.  

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