Take a trip to Candytopia in Philly’s Fashion District

-Brenda Hillegas

Ready to escape to Candytopia? Three things to know before you go- Candy. Confetti. Cameras ready?

Great! As you enter Candytopia, you’ll be whisked through the magical doors that take you to this multi-sensory candy kingdom. Explore themed rooms, like an under the sea space with creatures made completely of candy of course. Swim through a marshmallow pit! Take a deep breath and inhale all that candy!

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Just behind these doors. Get ready…

The portrait gallery is impressive with celebrity shots, famous paintings, and sculptures all created out of…yup, candy. Each piece of work includes facts about how it was created- how many pieces of candy, how many hours it took, and how many grams of sugar make up the delicious looking artwork in front of you. Look all around Candytopia for these fun facts! 

Each room has candy for you to take with you. A few, please, not a handful. Ingredients and allergen info as listed at each stop so you’ll know if the sweets are right for you. The gift shop at the end of the experience also has lots of unique candy to purchase as well as a wall filled with all of your bite sized favorites and stuff you probably never tried before!

This is an Instagrammer’s dream. Photo ops are everywhere. You’re encouraged to pose and be silly! Pick up the giant Candytopia balls, lay on the Trolli wheel as your photo is taken from above, get showered with confetti, travel through a neon light tunnel to be taken to your next adventure. And I mentioned the marshmallow pit, right?!

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Get in…

Kid at heart? Actual kids? Date night? Ladies night? Make a plan to visit Candytopia. Where else will you see adorable candy piggies that blast confetti out of their butts? Take pics, take videos! Tell your friends – they need to see it all with their own eyes!That pretty much sums up the sweet wonderland of Candytopia, open now in Philly’s Fashion District. You’ll come home on a sugar high and may have some confetti in your hair, but that just means your trip to this sweet wonderland was a success. Candytopia will be here in Philly through January (but hopefully longer), so it’s the perfect spot now when it’s just too hot to be outside or later when it’s just too cold to be outside! Get your tickets here!

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