Wilma Theater will release pro-basketball inspired comedy short, THE FLOOR WIPERS, on June 10th

-Courtesy of Bryan Buttler Media Relations, LLC

The Wilma Theater is pleased to announce the release of a new short film inspired by pro-basketball’s COVID bubble, and the workers who are responsible for keeping the court free from sweat.  THE FLOOR WIPERS, conceived by Wilma HotHouse member Taysha Marie Canales and featuring the HotHouse’s Jaylene Clark Owens, is a hilarious sketch that tells the story of two women who clean the floors during basketball games.  This on-demand performance is available to the public starting Thursday, June 10.

“My husband loves basketball so I started watching games with him a few years ago. After a while I noticed that there were people who wiped up the players’ sweat off the court in between plays and immediately became fascinated by these people,” notes Canales.  “When the 2020 playoffs resumed last summer in the pro-basketball bubble, there were many changes and restrictions made to ensure that the closed bubble could work safely and the game could continue. One thing that remained the same were the floor wipers. They’re such a vital part of the machine and I tried to imagine myself in their shoes and what a typical night at work could be like for them.”

THE FLOOR WIPERS is directed by Canales’ husband, Akeem Davis, and is co-written by Canales, Owens, and Davis.  The three artists wrote a complete script, and Canales and Owens recorded each of their scenes in their own homes. Video editor Michael Long loaned the cast his camera and edited each separate take together.

“It was a long journey to get to this final version, but I think it turned out better than I could’ve imagined,” says Canales.  “I was surprised at how funny we were!”

THE FLOOR WIPERS is available at wilmatheater.org starting June 10.  Part of the Wilma HotHouse Shorts Series, the show is free with registration. However, the theater asks audiences to consider making a donation to the Wilma to support the HotHouse company and future free programming. This production is recorded and can be viewed on demand.  For more information, visit wilmatheater.org/the-floor-wipers/.

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