Theatre Horizon’s Art Houses program features the Wiley and Santoro Show this month

-Courtesy of Bryan Buttler Media Relations, LLC
Photos by John C. Hawthorne

Theatre Horizon’s Art Houses program is proud to announce the fifth show of the popular series, which partners professional theatre artists with families and households throughout the Greater Philadelphia region to create original performance works that will be presented on a monthly basis.  Elio, Zel, Martin, and Christy are full of games, laughter, poetry, healing, and love. Their honest stories explore intersectional identity in parenting and growing up, while their imaginations birth fantasy worlds to life. Join their adventures during the Wiley and Santoro Show for one night only, Saturday, April 24 at 7:30PM.

Christy Santoro and Martin Wiley hovered in each other’s orbits for nearly a decade before finally stumbling into each other and falling in love at just the right time.  They married in a self-uniting ceremony among the urban oasis of Bartram’s Garden in 2008; Zel was born in 2009 and Elio in 2013.  Like a plant that outgrew its pot, after having blossomed as a family in their beloved South Philly row home and community for many years, Christy, Martin, Zel, and Elio recently moved into a home in Northwest Philadelphia as unique as their family.  They are gradually establishing a mini urban homestead where they plan to continue to plant, grow and nurture new dreams and adventures, including this Art House production, as well as adding a puppy Zym to the family.

 “We are excited to participate in Art Houses because we love theatre, and love exploring new ways to be creative together, especially in ways that work within the constraints of the pandemic,” said Christy Santoro.  “The idea of bringing an audience into a theatre built of our home is fascinating and irresistible. Art, poetry, singing, music and being onstage are all parts of our lives and futures. We know that art makes us stronger and more resilient in our ability to stand for justice.”

“Our family is as blended and beautiful as America at its best, and it has led us all to be a little weird, wonderful, and ready for primetime,” adds Martin Wiley.  “Together we love gathering around the table for board games, rolling dice for role-playing games, cuddling on the couch for family movie night, reading and more reading, stepping out for long walks in the woods, playing and watching soccer, and in non-COVID times enjoying good food and great conversation with our given and chosen family.”

The Art Houses program, created by Theatre Horizon Artistic Director Nell Bang-Jensen, allows professional theater artists to guide Philadelphia and Norristown area households in creating and performing an evening of original theater. The piece will be performed in the participant’s home and live streamed to Theatre Horizon audiences. Art Houses will be rehearsed and performed online, giving participants the opportunity to experience a professional theater process from the comfort and safety of their home. The content of the shows will vary depending on each household’s story, and may include scenes, songs, monologues, and poetry.

The Wiley and Santoro Family Art Houses program will be directed by Noelle Diane Johnson. The family will perform their original work live from their home on the Zoom platform for one performance only, April 24 at 7:30PM.  Zoom links to the live streamed performance will be provided after ticket purchase from Theatre Horizon’s website, Ticket buyers have the option to receive a “mystery box” in the mail before the performance with contents chosen by the family and the creative team. These boxes will provide a tactile relationship to the show, and mimic the surprise of a live performance. Only 80 Mystery Boxes are available. For more information, visit

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