The Best Things We Ever Ate- The Easter Bunny Delivers

Let Anthony’s Italian Coffee & Chocolate House Fill Your Basket

By Mark Casasanto

91028383_10158009794188150_8595735894521020416_oWell, it’s happened. Easter Week has arrived and we find ourselves collectively handcuffed to our homes. Unfathomable just a few short weeks ago.

Traditionally, this blessed and Holy Week is often accompanied by elaborate preparations of holiday culinary staples with baking usually taking center stage in kitchens throughout our respective neighborhoods. Can’t you just smell the ham pie now? And let us not forget the basket… no not the basket cheese… the Easter Basket. 

Full disclosure, my blessed mother Mary made me an Easter Basket right up until the year I got married and moved out of our family home. It’s how we rolled and it’s how many of us still do. So, what now?

The dinner table is probably going to have a few empty spots this year, no folding chairs needed. The grandkids will visit virtually or maybe on a quick and orchestrated drive-by. This, unfortunately, looks to be the new norm. Hopefully, is a very short-lived norm. 

Still, all is not lost. Our good friends at Anthony’s on 9th Street are providing free delivery to South Philadelphians and even uptown to Center City in an effort to keep our Easter traditions alive and flourishing. There is a $20 minimum for delivery but curbside pick-up is free and what might be the best bet of all is this- they are offering two-day express shipping, nationwide!

Why not fill that Easter Basket with the amazing confections crafted right there on-site in the heart of the Italian Market? Chocolate eggs, bunnies and crosses, buttercream filled milk chocolates, chocolate covered pretzels and more. Let the little bunnies in your life know that while the world has forced us apart, they still have a place in your heart. Is there any better love than the sharing of Easter candy? 

And let’s not forget the adults who would ordinarily be breaking bread at a table of plenty. Fill them up with coffees and pastries from your family to theirs. An assorted variety of custom roasted blends are available on-site. 

In these strange, stressful and uncharted times, why not allow Anthony and his staff to provide a little sense of normalcy to the status quo. Do it out of love. Do it for the tradition. 

Happy Easter and Happy Passover everyone. 

Visit Anthony’s Easter Collection here. 

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