Book Review- “Up From South Philly” by Anthony A. Chiurco

-John Nacchio

Up from SOuth Philly Cover page

Everyone has a story to tell. South Philly has more than its share. From saints to celebrities, chock full of ties to Hollywood, professional sports, successful business juggernauts, signature cuisine, even touching the stars in NASA, and breakthroughs in medicine. Most important are the everyday people with extra-ordinary tales of family human interest that are sad, happy, inspiring and filled with stirring emotional interaction. No Place has more of it concentrated in a geographic area like South Philly.

I came upon a book written by Dr. Athony Chiurco, Up From South Philly, published in 2014. It’s a memoir capturing his life and the book is a real hidden gem about the history of an Italian-American family whose roots are embedded in South Philadelphia. Dr. Chiurco takes us on a journey from the rough streets of the neighborhood to St. Joseph Prep, St. Joseph University and beyond its borders with people that unfolds with gasps of “OMG”. His uncles, the Angelo Brothers, emerged internationally with a business lighting up the world (wow)!

In his storytelling you find a “Six Degrees of Separation” for him, but also for anyone who grew up in South Philly. It details a lively tale of a kindred “rags to riches” filled with humor, critical thinking and a family legacy to be cherished. Up From South Philly starts with chapters of his early years and later transforms into a reflection of life with penetrating thoughts of wisdom.

I discovered that I could read the first 60 pages on Google Books for a free preview. Although the hard copy may be hard to find it is offered as an e-book for 3.99 (Amazon or Barnes & Noble).

Read it with enthusiasm as there is a true treasure to be found buried in this golden tale. It would be awesome to see Up From South Philly become a movie, projected up on the big screen. Or even a mini-series. Hey Hollywood…take a look!

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