The Santa Express

by Debra Russino

The Christmas season is upon us once again. It’s a joyous and festive occasion for all to enjoy. Santa is working overtime and because our shopping methods have changed, there is a modern day version of helpers on the scene. 

His sleigh has transformed into a truck and his sack has been replaced with a mailbag, filled with many holiday treats. Their attire is not the traditional red, but they will get the job done, no matter what the weather conditions. Your packages will arrive on time. 

It doesn’t matter if we are naughty or nice, as long as there is a credit card available we will receive everything on our wish list! Unlike children, we will not have to wait until Christmas Day to see our presents, only 3-5 business days to anxiously await that knock on the door! 

We tear open the packages or boxes of our latest order hoping to find the perfect gift for our loved ones and sometimes a splurge for ourselves. 

Although I still hold true to the old fashioned shopping experience I have also given into the allure of online purchases. Easy payments and free shipping without leaving the comforts of home. 

So while Santa is keeping busy at the North Pole, his new age contemporaries are making him proud on the ground. 

Even though our traditions and ways of life have become so advanced , there is one thing that will never change, our credit card bills will always be there to greet us in the new year. 

I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year. 

May we be blessed with a kind spirit and never too old to search the skies for Santa on Christmas Eve. 


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