Matthew Delia Releases Two New Films with “The New In Crowd Films” Production Company

by Liam Divon

Matthew Delia, (Instagram: @deliamatthew), a promising Philadelphia filmmaker that Philadelphia RowHome Magazine previously spotlighted, continues to produce, direct and act in films under the label The New In Crowd Films. The label is a Philadelphia-based film production company (Instagram: @thenewincrowdfilms).

“I would characterize my work as slice of life films, rough around the edges, college humor, touching on topics that may cause issues,” Delia says.

We last spoke with Delia when he was promoting his film The Deal which premiered in Philadelphia last May. The Deal received positive feedback and was entered in multiple film festivals during its promotion. You can watch it online via the The New In Crowd Films YouTube channel.

Delia’s production company recently began working in association with Xuth Productions to present two more films, The Note and Dirty Data. These films are also available on the YouTube channel.

IMG_1613The Note is a 2019 short film produced by Alejandro Hurtarte, which focuses on the basic idea of having a class crush. Delia directed the film and also plays the role of the main character Joe. Dirty Data is a comedy directed by and starring Delia, written and produced by Hurtarte. The film is currently a part of The Direct Monthly Online Film Festival. To help the film received views to win the festival visit

All three of Delia’s films are currently part of the First-Time Filmmakers Sessions for May in the Lift-Off Film Festival. You can view them on Vimeo here. The Deal is #8, The Note is #32, and Dirty Data is #88. Vote for your favorites in the comment section of the link, the festival runs until next Sunday evening.

For those interested in filmography, you can send script submissions for web series, pilot episodes, short films, or feature films to Delia plans to continue to present new films in the near future.


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