New to the Zoo: Food, LEGOS, and the Return of the Zoo Key

2019-04-04_10-31-25_923You’ve probably all heard by now- some exciting, new things are now at the Philadelphia Zoo. So, here’s a quick recap courtesy of Thursday morning’s media preview and ribbon cutting of everything you and your family can discover this season at America’s oldest zoo.

1. Urban Green 
This open-air food court is the perfect spot for a break from exploring the zoo. Three permanent food trucks will offer up food to please all palates. Root to Leaf features salads, the Fry Bowl has various waffle fry dishes covered in your favorite toppings, and Pressed has delicious grilled sandwiches (you must try the butternut squash and bacon). Kids menu options are available too!

There’s plenty of outdoor seating, places for the kids to play and run, a vertical farm for growing local and sustainable food for the zoo’s animals, and a rotating menu of craft beers and wine.


2. Creatures of Habitat
Who doesn’t like LEGOS? Creatures of Habitat highlights the zoo’s role in protecting wildlife via elaborate LEGO creations of animals that are commonly seen in zoos. The life-size LEGO sculptures, by artist Sean Kenney, help tell visitors about the issues these animals are facing around the world and what is being done to save them. Kenney is one of only seven American LEGO certified professional artisans in the world. His work is displayed at the Philadelphia Zoo via 12 exhibits including an African lion, the rain forest, a diamond-backed terrapin, a polar bear and so many more. These works of art must be seen in person.


3. The Return of the Zoo Key
The stories told through the Creatures of Habitats exhibit could not be made possible without the return of the beloved Zoo Key. Look for the audio book located at each sculpture as well as in other areas throughout the Zoo. Visitors can “unlock” stories about the animals living at the zoo by inserting their keys into the various audio books. Listen as animal keepers will tell you more about what’s in front of you! Zoo Keys are available for purchase in the gift shop for $3 and they are a wonderful keepsake. People who may still own a Zoo Key from way back when will be happy to know they are still completely functional.


For more information on the new Urban Green and Creatures of Habitat, visit the zoo’s website here.

A few more photos from today’s Zoo adventures. Thanks to the Zoo and Aversa PR for a great event!

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