Blessings at St. Pio Catholic Regional School

-Courtesy of St. Pio Catholic Regional School

On November 8, 2017, Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald visited St. Pio Catholic Regional School to bless the new school windows and witness the presentation of the Fr. Brennan Endowment. The check was presented in the amount of one million dollars to ensure a commitment to Catholic education in our families and neighborhood.

St. Pio Catholic Regional has truly been a blessing to many families and the neighborhood since opening in 2012. In a way, St. Pio Catholic Regional can be identified as the heartbeat of our neighborhood. With a diverse student body from many different parishes, we bring together a sense of warmth and love as we consider ourselves a family school.

The commitment and dedication of our administration, faculty and parents to Catholic education is clearly evident in all that we do. Catholic education has been viable to our neighborhood since 1929 with St. Richard School and 1966 with Holy Spirit School. Even though a new school name was given in 2012, the Catholic faith of those alumni
who were educated at those schools, have left us all a legacy to learn and live by.

One of those legacies was that of Father Brennan, the founding Pastor of Holy Spirit Church and School. When the school opened in 1966, his vision of Holy Spirit School was that it would be a worthy institution for training children to become good Catholics and proper citizens. This vision endured for 46 years until Holy Spirit School merged with St.

Even though times have changed, the mission of Catholic education is still vital to our families and neighborhood. With this endowment, the legacy, spirit and vision of Fr. Brennan can and should live on in the school family of St. Pio Catholic Regional.

St Pio Endowment

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