Rescuing Ringo

-Brenda Hillegas


Sunday was a pretty eventful day. One of my best friends had slept over the night before and we caught Wicked at the Academy of Music. After she left, I had potential plans to attend the Lovesick wedding expo at World Cafe Live and then pop over to SugarHouse Casino for the second annual S.E.E.D. Festival. Unfortunately, plans fell through and I couldn’t make either.

Since I was available, my husband and I ran some errands. We also stopped by Clark Park for a flea market and decided to grab a beer at Wissahickon Brewery on the way home. We took a wrong turn on the way to the brewery and that’s how we found Ringo…


This adorable little fluff ball ran out in front of our car around 35th and Allegheny Ave. Don’t worry- he was far enough away that we had no chance of hitting him! Immediately, we pulled over. Luckily, some women were waiting at the bus terminal and grabbed him because they thought he was mine. We checked him out- no collar, no tags. So I loaded him up and took him to the nearby ACCT.

We got to ACCT at the same time a wonderful man named Rich was there from PAWS. He scanned Ringo and we discovered he wasn’t microchipped. So, we handed him off to Rich who promised he would be well taken care of (but not before he suggested we give him a nickname- Ringo).


RowHome Roscoe saying goodbye to Ringo.

I followed up on Ringo a few days ago. He underwent surgery to be neutered and PAWS was hoping to remove his bad teeth as well. If you’re interested in adopting him, he may need some dental work. I’m unsure how the surgery went, but he is now available on the PAWS website and hopefully someone out there will give him the home he deserves. Who knows how long he was out and about on his own, but I can assure you he is a very sweet, lovable guy.

Even better news is that tomorrow is Clear the Shelters, an annual and nationwide event thatĀ encourages pet adoption. Pet fees are waived, and PAWS is participating.

To find out more about Ringo and the other pets that are available to adopt via PAWS, click here. If you adopt a shelter pet tomorrow, we’d love to hear about it! Contact with your adoption story. And if you take Ringo home, we’ll set up a play date with RowHome Roscoe!



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