Venetian Eggs Courtesy of Adriana Trigiani

Here’s an easy one that South Philadelphians know well. In my family, we call it Venetian Eggs, though it has many different names!

We take a skillet, and from the pot gravy we make for the week, we put about an inch of gravy in the bottom, heating it up until it bubbles in the skillet. Make two wells with a spoon in the gravy on the stove. Crack two fresh eggs into that well and let them cook to your liking. Spoon the eggs and gravy over fresh greens tossed with vinegar, oil, a bit of salt and a squeeze of fresh lemon. Eat the eggs/gravy and greens with some fresh bread.

You’ll have eaten like a king!

This recipe can be found in Adriana’s book, Cooking With My Sisters. A new edition of the book will be available this November. Look for an interview with Adriana in our upcoming summer issue, you can order a subscription here

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