The Lady Hoofers “On Tap”

by Moriah Kelley
photos courtesy of Bicking Photography Studio

The Lady Hoofers Tap Ensemble is Philadelphia’s all-female tap company and their annual spring concert “On Tap” took place last weekend. The dancers tapped their way on to the stage of the Performance Garage as the audience tapped their feet along with them. This ensemble is proof that the art of tap dance is more modern than ever by challenging the perceived image of the past.

The performance line up for the The Lady Hoofers is brand new, featuring two a capella numbers, two solos, and two longer suites featuring the entire company. When tapping together their synchronized rhythm is impressive. Each member exuberates high energy and attitude in turn, allowing the audience to feel part of the narrative of each dance.

The Lady Hoofers OnTap 3

There are a lot of firsts for the Lady Hoofers in their “On Tap” dance series. Visiting choreographer Dolores Sanchez of New York City created CMYK, a new work that combines a variety of dance forms including modern, capoeira and hip-hop. Other choreographic debuts came from dancers Kimberly Davidow and Katherine Moore. Directors Katie Budris and Kat Richter introduced new works as well.

Growing up in the dance world (I attempted to be a tap dancer my whole childhood, but unfortunately never found my inner Ginger Rogers to pursue into adult life), I was impressed by both the dedication and sharpness each performance purveyed. My personal favorites were the opening “Bon Appetit” and “CMYK”, but all the numbers were outstanding and as an audience member, I didn’t want the show to end. I highly recommend anyone who is interested in dance to come and support our Philadelphia Lady Hoofers the next time they perform!

The Lady Hoofers OnTap 5

The Lady Hoofers, founded in 2011, provides educational resources and professional performance opportunities to promote the art of rhythm tap. Katie Budris (Managing Director) and Kat Richter (Artistic Director) bring together local dancers and musicians to create original choreography as well as improvised works. The ensemble is supported by the Philadelphia Cultural Fund, the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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