A Unique Escape Experience Opens Today

-Brenda Hillegas

The roaring twenties. A trip through time. Monkey…tourists?

Today, Escape Entertainment officially opens its doors here in Philadelphia, perfectly located in center city at 1218 Chestnut Street (5th floor).

The 5,000 square foot space is beautiful, upscale, professionally decorated. The company’s strategy is to be able to host large groups (100 or more at the same time for events) and team building outings. Of course, families and friends looking to try a new form of entertainment are welcomed too. But, this is the only venue of its kind in Philly designed to host large groups.

Escape Entertainment has locations in New York and London. Philadelphia’s location is led by Philadelphia natives Brad Albright (Harrisburg) and Jim Grass (Bucks County, University of Penn Graduate). The duo knows that as a major metropolitan area, there are many companies, schools and other organizations in Philly that will be able to utilize Escape Entertainment for their events.

I’ve been to a few escape rooms recently, and they are all a great time in my opinion. But nothing like Escape Entertainment, which I previewed last night. The rooms are created by master craftsmen with design experience in Hollywood, on Broadway, as well as the White House, MOMA, and other high profile locations. The work done on these rooms really puts you in the moment, as if this is true life and you really, truly are against the clock.

Albright is a former investment banker who has known Grass for fifteen years. They put a lot of thought into planning a unique experience that will surely match the success of Escape Entertainment’s London and New York locations. Their idea for Philadelphia launched two years ago with carefully thought out game experiences that will be fun and help groups establish effective teamwork. World-class experts, such as organizational behaviorists, psychologists and mathematicians, have assisted in constructing these rooms and the puzzles that will help you escape.

Try your skills out on:

Philadelphia Phrenzy- Philly is under siege! Chaos abounds! Ten monkeys have escaped from our city’s zoo and have decided to visit some of Philadelphia’s historic sites. You are responsible for saving the city by tracking down the locations of each monkey.

Time Trap- You and your team are locked in a portal in outer space. Your whereabouts are unknown. Somehow, you must figure out how to break through to the past, when Ben Franklin thrived. Get back to the present before your 60 minutes runs out.

Prohibition Pandemonium- It’s the 1920s and you’re in a speakeasy. The cops are banging at the front door, so you need to escape! Can you find the secret back exit before they take down the place? (This theme is featured in two identical game rooms, allowing groups of 10-20 to play at the same time. The approach has been successful in Escape Entertainment’s other locations).

I met with some wonderful Escape Entertainment employees yesterday who took the time to explain each room, the details, and answer any questions I had. They didn’t give anything away though, so now I’m determined to come back with some friends and try to escape all three themes. To book your team or party, visit www.escape-entertainment.com and be sure to follow them on Facebook.

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