Kutest Kids’ Parents as Teachers Launches Pop Up Shop for Philadelphia Families

-Courtesy of Philly PR Girl

Through their home visits, monthly events, and parent support groups, Kutest Kids’ Parents as Teachers has been providing Philadelphia and Montgomery County families with the resources they need to develop and maintain a healthy and supportive family environment. Now, KKPAT is taking their efforts one step further by introducing the KKPAT Store, a pop-up store with all the supplies a parent would need. The grand opening of the store will take place on Thursday, June 22nd.

The KKPAT Store will occur every other month and will be open for all families enrolled in the Kutest Kids’ Parents as Teachers program. Each family will receive “KKPAT Kash” at every home visit that they can spend on various household necessities.

Items in the store will include non-perishable foods, school supplies, baby items (formula, bibs, bottes, baby food, wipes, diapers), and hygiene products. The store will also have bigger items like Pack ‘n Plays, swings, high chairs, and more. 

Families can also spend their Kash on weekly or monthly septa passes by coming into the store and placing an order with Vonee Hill, the Executive Director of Kutest Kids’ Parents as Teachers. 

“The KKPAT store is a way to give access to basic essentials that a family enrolled in our program may need. The transactional exchange empowers families to budget, save, and spend their KKPAT Kash on what they want, when they want. The Kash is not ‘earned’; rather it is gifted to families who participate in services with us,” said Vonee Hill, Executive Director of Kutest Kids’ Parents as Teachers.

On Thursday, June 22, Kutest Kids’ Parents as Teachers will be launching the KKPAT Store at their KKPAT Community Resource Day. From 1-5 p.m., families will gather at the Salvatore Pachella Memorial Field (Henry- Ridge Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19128) to be the first ones to shop the KKPAT Store and to enjoy games, raffles, food, giveaways for baby/toddler items and summer safety gear, resource tables, summer safety education, and more.

For more information on the KKPAT store, other upcoming events, or the Kutest Kids’ Parents as Teachers program, visit their website. Stay up to date with the program by following them on Instagram, @kutestkids_patpa, and on Facebook, @Kutestkidspat

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