Woman-owned farm-to-bottle Baba’s Brew kombucha launches Baba’s Turbo Squirrel

-Courtesy of Punch Media
photo by KC Tinari

Baba’s Brew, the woman-owned, premium farm-to-bottle kombucha brand that includes beloved products Baba’s Bucha and Baba’s Acid Trip, is expanding with the launch of Baba’s Turbo Squirrel, the energy-boosted kombucha (still – not carbonated) made with all-natural, plant-based energy! With three flavors to choose from, Reishi Lemon, Cordyceps Ginger, and Passion Fruit Lion’s Mane, there’s a Baba’s Turbo Squirrel for everyone; from students studying for finals, athletes looking for a healthier boost of energy before hitting the gym, and caffeine-lovers looking to avoid the jitters that come with a morning cup of joe. Beginning today, each can ofBaba’s Turbo Squirrel will be available for $5 –$5.50, at Mid-Atlantic region Whole Foods Markets, Riverwards, MOM’S Organic Market, DiBruno’s, and Weaver’s Way Co-op, as well as Baba’s Bucha’s tasting room, dubbed A Culture Factory, located in Phoenixville, PA. 

Baba’s Brew Owner and Founder Olga Sorzano combined the raw kombucha that she crafts at her tasting room in Phoenixville with plant-based ingredients designed to boost brain function and cognition – adaptogenic mushrooms such as reishi, cordyceps, and lion’s mane, guayusa (a caffeinated holly tree whose leaves are used in tea for their stimulative effects), guarana (a plant that provides antioxidants, promotes energy and focus, healthy digestion, and more), and yerba mate (caffeinated herbal tea). 

“For those who want a boost of energy, but don’t want to feel jittery and anxious, Turbo Squirrel is the perfect option,” Sorzano explains. “By using adaptogenic mushrooms, Turbo Squirrel can increase energy, focus, and endurance without those negative side effects – perfect for students, athletes, or anyone who leads a busy life!”  

For coffee lovers who battle feelings of anxiety that can stem from caffeine, Baba’s Turbo Squirrel Reishi Lemon could be the alternative that changes the game – using reishi mushrooms that gives drinkers’ immune system a boost, this flavor is designed to reduce stress and anxiety, while still providing the same amount of caffeine found in the average cup of joe.  

Students in the midst of finals season can indulge in Baba’s Turbo Squirrel Cordyceps Ginger, which uses cordyceps, a type of mushroom that improves energy levels and fights against fatigue, to improve brain function, memory, and focus – perfect for those long nights of studying and writing papers.  

Athletes and gym-goers can throw away those unhealthy pre-workout drinks in exchange for a can of Baba’s Turbo Squirrel Passion Fruit Lion’s Mane, which showcases lion’s mane, a mushroom that reduces anxiety and increases calm, to improve clarity, endurance, and stamina, ideal for sipping right before stepping on the treadmill or lifting weights. 

Starting Monday, May 15, Baba’s Turbo Squirrel will be available for $5 — $5.50, at Mid-Atlantic region Whole Foods Markets, Riverwards, MOM’S Organic Market, DiBruno’s, and Weaver’s Way Co-op, as well as Baba’s Bucha’s tasting room, dubbed A Culture Factory, located in Phoenixville, PA.  

Keep up with Baba’s Bucha’s newest releases online at website, on Instagram (@babasbucha), or on Facebook

Baba’s Bucha Tasting Room (“A Culture Factory”) Hours of Operation: Saturday 10 am – 3 pm 

Baba’s Bucha, founded in 2015 by Olga Sorzano, is a woman-owned premium farm-to-bottle kombucha crafted with whole ingredients. Baba’s Bucha offers refreshing, slightly tangy kombucha that has very low sugar and only 25 calories per serving. Produced in small batches using only fair-trade organic ingredients and seasonal produce, each product is vegan, raw, gluten-free, and has no artificial flavorings or colors. The company brews 800 gallons per week; half is bottled, and half is kegged, which are then sold to over 200 accounts, with 50 of those locations serving kombucha on tap. Folks can visit Baba’s Bucha’s tasting room, that also acts as a health and wellness community center in Phoenixville, PA, open from 10 am – 3 pm on Saturdays. Visitors are encouraged to enjoy rotating kombucha flavors served on-tap, as well as numerous workshops and events, including yoga, aerial yoga, fermentation classes, women’s circles, and more. 

Baba’s Bucha is located at 333 Morgan St, Phoenixville. www.babasbrew.com | 267-738-1973 

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