It Ain’t Over gives viewers an intimate look at beloved Yankees legend, Yogi Berra

This new feature-length documentary on the late, great Yankee Yogi Berra starts off with his granddaughter, Lindsay Berra, recalling how shocked she was that Yogi wasn’t considered one of the four greatest living ballplayers honored at the 2015 All-Star Game (and he was sitting next to her at the time). It was important to her, and Yogi’s friends and family, to show the world more of the iconic baseball player’s life on and off the field. Acting as executive producer on the documentary, along with Yogi’s sons, Tim, Dale and Larry, the Berra family takes audiences through his childhood in St. Louis to his time serving in World War II heroism to his journey from player and manager of The New York Yankees.

Yogi was mocked by many, called names and was viewed by the media as a funny character because of his personality and one-liners. But, baseball fans know he’s so much more than that. Between 1949 and 1964, the Yankees won twelve pennants. They won the World Series 5 years in a row. Then they won a few more. It Ain’t Over sheds light on Yogi’s accomplishments and what makes him stand out as one of the best players in baseball history.

It Ain’t Over, by Sean Mullin, is just over an hour and a half. It’s a must see for baseball fans or historians in general with an edge-of-your-seat conclusion as Yogi’s family takes to social media to get him the recognition he deserves. Even those not familiar with the game will enjoy and appreciate Yogi’s story. It’s released via Sony Pictures Classics on May 12th.

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